Mrs. Astrid Fourie

Titles: Year 3&4 Teacher
Degrees: B.Ed. Early Childhood Education, Foundation Phase
Currently Studying: M.Sc. in Education Management

Mrs. Natasha Chanda

Titles: Year 1 & 2 Teacher
Degrees: Primary Teaching Diploma
Degree in Occupational Health and Safety Environment
Currently Studying: MA Education (Innovation in Learning & Teaching)

Mrs. Anna Sakanyi

Titles: Reception Teacher
Degrees: Bachelor of Education
International Baccalaureate PYP Certificate Level 1&2
Currently Studying: MA Special & Additional Learning Needs

Mrs. Tryness Zyawo

Titles: Early Years Assistant Teacher
Degrees: Primary Teaching Diploma
Currently Studying: BA Early Childhood Education

Mrs. Ethel Moolo

Titles: Teaching Assistant
Degrees: Primary Teaching Diploma
Currently Studying: Degree in Primary Education

Mr. Brian Nyabvure

Titles: P.E. & Sports Teacher
Degrees: Diploma in Sports Management
FA Coaching Licence
IRB Coaching Level Two Certificate
Diploma in Teaching Methodology

Mr. Oliver Sakanyi

Titles: Art, Music & IPC Teacher
Degrees: Art Teacher's Diploma with Education
Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art
Certificate in Cambridge Primary Art & Design

Mr. Jones Mwiza

Titles: Administrator
Degrees: B.A. Business Administration
Diploma in Production Management
Certificate in Sales and Accounts