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Learning Policies

Our learning policies encourage each student to attain their best potential across all areas of their schooling.

The teacher sets termly targets with the student in a one-on-one meeting, based on previous assessment performances. These targets are set with the parents' input as well, and students can discuss these with their parents before they go on file.

Learning support is provided in lessons through individual attention from the class teacher. If additional support is required, our SEN (Special Educational Needs) program allows for individual tutoring of students within the timetable. If further testing is required, the school may refer parents to an educational specialist.

Stars of the Week Certificates are awarded each week in assembly. Teachers recognise student both attainment and effort. Our annual, end of year Speech Night awards outstanding student behaviour and attainment across eight categories in: Sport, Academics and Behaviour. Trophies are awarded for these categories. Certificates for Head Teacher Commendations are also awarded for notable effort, improvement or attainment in each class.